Spring Elections to fill Regional Executive/ NTA Central Council positions for the 2018 – 19 year have been completed. Positions still vacant will be filled in the fall.

Positions are as follows:


President – Julia MacPherson

Vice President – Kelli McLarty

Secretary Treasurer – Vacant

Member At Large – Mark Pearson

Member At Large – Vacant


President – Dale Skinner

Vice President – Terri Lyn Hall

Secretary Treasurer – Trina Sallerina

Member at Large – Susie Hillier

North Qikiqtani:

President – Reginald Mitchell

Vice President – Joseph Postiglione

Secretary Treasurer – John Mackenzie

Central Qikiqtani:

President – Jennie Dawson

Vice President – Shauna Beaton

Secretary Treasurer – Ryan Girvin

South Qikiqtani:

President – Ed Flynn

Vice President – Vacant

Secretary Treasurer – Christy Douwsma

Thank you to all candidates for putting your names forward, and thanks to all nominations committee chairs for running the elections and submitting your results in a timely manner.