Short Term Reimbursement for Courses

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NTA members have the benefit of five Professional Development days built into their school calendar each year. These 5 days are an opportunity for teacher – directed Professional Development that has been negotiated into our Collective Agreement.

Complete information on the policies and regulations for these days is available in Section 2 of the PD Policy Book:

Important Notes:

  • Please make sure you are aware of the entitlements for each program, as some funding programs may have restrictions, limits and special eligibility criteria
  • Keep in mind these are reimbursement programs, and you will not receive funding until you have provided proof of completion and proof of payment for the activty
  • NTA members must submit required documentation for all Short Term Assistance Reimbursement programs within a year of the course finish date on the approved application
  • Applications for Short Term Assistance programs must be completed through your account on the NTA PD Database:

Short Term Assistance and Reimbursement Programs include the following:

  • Credit Courses in the Community during the Academic Year (courses that grant university credit)
  • Distance Education Courses (courses that grant university credit)
  • Non Credit and Certificate Courses (must be at least 15 instructional hours in length)
  • Summer and Intersession Credit Courses (courses that grant university credit)
  • Conferences, Symposiums and Institutes
  • Short Courses (Must be a minimum of 15 hours in length, must take place outside of work hours, and must be delivered by a recognized educational institution – ex., a university or teachers’ association and/ or have a direct link to an identified need from the school, RSO or Department of Education)

For more information, please contact Shannon Hessian.

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