Professional Development Week

NTA members have the benefit of five Professional Development days built into their school calendar each year. These 5 days are an opportunity for teacher – directed Professional Development that has been negotiated into our Collective Agreement.

Complete information on the policies and regulations for these days is available in Section 2 of the PD Policy Book:

Activities and funding must be pre approved by the Professional Development Coordinator at the NTA Office. After the completion of activities, each NTA member is required to file an Activity Report, and to substantiate any funds for which they were approved. The Activity Report and Substantiation are due 30 days after the completion of PD week. Below is a helpful “quick start” guide to PD week.

Each year, the PD Coordinator is required to compile a report of all NTA members and the PD Activities that each member has undertaken. This report is shared with the Department of Education, and may be tabled in the Legislative Assembly of Nunavut. As such, it is of utmost importance that NTA Members plan and participate in effective, relevant Professional Development. The PD Coordinator works with members to ensure that PD Activities meet the guidelines set out by the Professional Development Council (PDC).

Applications for Individual and Group PD Activities, Service Contracts, Activity Reports, and Substantiation information are all available via our online Professional Development Database. If you require assistance in using the database, please contact your School PD Liaison.

Forms and Templates

Service Hire Contracts:

Receipt Templates:

If you require assistance with your PD Week Application process, please consult with your school PD Liaison, or contact the PD Coordinator, Shannon Hessian.

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