Action Research

What is Action Research?

Simply put, action research is classroom – based, teacher-directed research aimed at improving the quality of one’s teaching and of one’s students’ learning. It is directly tied to what we do as educators on a daily basis. It is a teacher or group of teachers asking a question about teaching and learning and then setting out to find some answers through research in their own class(es), schools, and communities. Action Research is professional development! Action research encourages reflective practice as educators and improves teaching. Action research helps us work as ‘designers’ who are creating and re-creating an effective learning environment for our students and an enriching teaching environment for ourselves.

PDC Support for Action Research

Meaningful professional growth is determined, owned, organized, and directed by, with, and for educators. Action research projects are a fine example of educator-led PD. Educators need time to question, think, reflect, observe , discuss , learn , plan and work individually and collectively   on goals established for their professional lives. Taking on an Action Research Project is one way to create some supported ‘questioning and thinking‘ time.

If you decide to pursue an Action Research project, you may be eligible for a grant of $2,000.00 from the Nunavut Professional Development Council (PDC) as well as assistance from the PD Coordinator. This section contains information that will assist you in conducting an Action Research project. We hope to hear from you.

The deadline for applications is March 1st and research must be completed at least two weeks before your last day of school.

Applications for Action Research project funding can be completed on the Professional Development Database here.

If you have questions, please contact Shannon Hessian

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