President’s Message Summer 2017

Greetings Fellow Teachers,

I would like to begin by thanking you, my colleagues, for placing your trust and confidence in me to be your NTA President for the next two years.  We are entering a vital period for Nunavut teachers, the next two years has the potential to be a time of rapid change for education in Nunavut.  We need to be vigilant and help guide these changes to make sure they are of benefit to our communities, students, and our profession.

As many of you are aware, our Collective Agreement with the Government of Nunavut expired on June 30 2017.  The NTA’s Central Executive and our Collective Bargaining Committee (CBC) is active now in securing a new Agreement with the employer that recognizes the value of our members in our schools and communities, and supports our teachers in the classroom.  I ask our members to support our CBC  members and elected officers during this process.

The NTA supports true bilingual education in our schools, delivered by qualified teachers.  The Nunavut Teachers’ Education Program is undergoing a review, and the NTA is looking forward to the results.  We need to support our Inuit and Inuktut-speaking members, pressure the Department of Education to produce more quality resources and curriculum in Inuktut, and promote our profession to our high school graduates.

This summer I am attending the Canadian Forum on Public Education:  Students Before Profit.  It is a reminder of the importance of an equitable and well-funded public education system in Nunavut.  Across Canada, PPPs (public / private partnerships) and the contracting out of curriculum development to corporations is growing quickly.  As teachers in Nunavut, we reaffirm our support for a public education system, accessible for all our students, and highly funded by our government with money going directly into the education system.

This fall there will be a territorial election in Nunavut.  I encourage our members to get to know the candidates, and question them on their support for increased funding for education and the value of qualified teachers in to our communities.  Education will be one of the defining issues of the upcoming election, we need to assert our collective strength in our communities to shape the narrative on education.

I hope that everyone has a well-deserved relaxing summer break, and I look forward to working for you in the upcoming year!

John Fanjoy


Nunavut Teachers’ Association