June 4, 2020

NTA President’s Message June 2020

Greetings  Members,

With another school year coming to a close across Nunavut, I want to take the opportunity to thank you for your dedication and hard work with our students and communities.

I can say, with confidence, that this past year has been the most difficult for teachers in Nunavut that I have seen in my career. The challenges, both personal and professional, that were brought on by the ransomware attack and the COVID-19 pandemic tested our abilities and strengths as educators. The continuing rise of violence in our schools, and the continued decrease in supports from our Employer contributed to an increase in stress on our own lives, and those of our families. Through all of this, you persevered and continued to be there for our students. I’m proud to call myself a fellow teacher and colleague to you all, and we should all be proud of the supportive and caring environment we provide to our communities’ children as they progress in their educational and social development.

I hope everyone reading this enjoys their well-earned school break, whether it is here in Nunavut or in Southern Canada. COVID-19 has changed summer plans for many of us, but we must strive to make the best of it. Take the time to rest, recharge our batteries, and please reflect on the great work you have done this year. Take pride in our profession and the hard work you have done.

Thank you for your service to our students and our communities.

John Fanjoy
Nunavut Teachers’ Association

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