For the past number of years, NTA has provided Nunavut teachers with an email account upon becoming an NTA members. This account is important for a number of reasons – it is the main means the NTA Office staff and elected officials have to communicate with members, and it is also the primary means of communication with the Professional Development database.

Our email system had been created using a Google (GMail) interface, but since April 2015, all third party webmail systems have been blocked on Government of Nunavut internet connections due to security issues. As many of our schools and workplaces use Government of Nunavut internet connections, this meant that NTA email was blocked at work for many of our members. Shortly after the blocking was done, NTA started to work on building a new system, because we want our users to be able to access their NTA email at work.

The new system is hosted on an exchange server in Ottawa, and has not been blocked on Government of Nunavut connections. The interface looks similar to hotmail or live accounts, and is an Outlook webmail interface, but the system is not a hotmail or a live system, it is our own system. In the coming weeks, all NTA School Representatives will receive a list of usernames and passwords for new member accounts in their workplace. Once all schools have been provided access information for the new system, we will begin to shut down the old system. Time will be provided for members to move emails or information that they wish to keep from the old system into the new one, and then the old GMail system will be shut down completely.

We would like to thank our School Representatives, and Central Council members for their patience and assistance in testing the new system, and ask that everyone please keep an eye out for information regarding the new system as it comes out.


Heather Campbell

NTA Member Services Administrator