May 10, 2022

NTA 2022 Award for Teaching Excellence

The NTA would like to congratulate Lucy Mingeriak as this year’s recipient of the NTA award for Teaching Excellence. Lucy is a long-time educator in Nunavut that has been making an impact on Nunavut students for a number of years. To best represent her importance to her school and community, it is best to hear from those that work with Lucy on a daily basis.

 In the words of her colleagues:

“Lucy Mingeriak has been teaching in Nunavut for 17 years. Lucy has been vitally important at Inuksuk High School in promoting and preserving Inuktitut language and culture. Lucy is currently our Lead Teacher for our Inuktitut Second Language Program which is also an important part of our overall suicide prevention strategy. It is not an overstatement to say that the positive relationships that Lucy forms with students and the valuable programming she provides, saves lives.”

“Lucy is a long-time educator who has spent her career throughout the Qikiqtaaluk region….Students hold Lucy in high regard. Her calm, generous, and positive attitude is grounding for our students. When I asked, out of curiosity, some colleagues who work closely with Lucy my admiration for her was corroborated. She is described by her colleagues as a highly knowledgeable professional committed to the promotion of language and culture. She has high standards for herself which in turn raises the expectations in others of themselves. Her artistic ability is also recognized and admired by her peers for its design, composition, and execution. It is a pleasure to work with Lucy and this recognition by her peers is well deserved.”

Congratulations Lucy on this well-deserved honour. We look forward to celebrating with you and your family this fall during our regional training.

The NTA thanks all colleagues who took the time and effort to write nomination letters and put together the packages. And, sincerest congratulations to all the nominated colleagues. It is truly inspiring and important to celebrate!

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