NTA Central Council is made up of four Territorial Executive Officer positions: NTA President, Vice President, NTA Secretary Treasurer, and NTA Inuit Member at Large, plus all Regional Executive Officers from each of the five NTA regions.

Central Council meets at least once a year, and often meets multiple times a year depending on issues NTA is working on. Minutes are not posted until they are approved by the council at their next meeting, however, after each AMCC, a report is posted on the website to update members on resolutions passed at the meeting.

You will find approved minutes of Central Council meetings below:

AMCC 2017 Minutes

AMCC 2016 Minutes


AMCC 2015 Minutes

AMCC 2014 Minutes


AMCC 2013 Minutes


2016 AMCC Resolutions Passed

2015 AMCC Resolutions Passed

2014 AMCC Resolutions Passed