The Nunavut Teachers’ Association has embarked on a project with British Columbia  – based Starling Minds Inc, to provide a proactive mental health fitness resource for NTA members and their families to use. Starling also works with other teacher organizations in Canada to provide this type of assistance to their members.

Below is a short introduction video to take you through some of the major aspects of the program, followed by some positive feedback from Starling Minds users:


“I use the strategies for stress reduction and keep practicing them. Starling has helped me to reflect on past situations that have caused a lot of stress. I don’t beat myself up anymore when things don’t go the way I want.” – Starling Minds member


“To be honest, I had a lot of anxiety around signing in for the first time. I was scared I would be exposed and that I might be ‘found out’ for having depression. When I realized that everyone is given an anonymous member ID I felt 100 times better.” – Starling Minds member


“To see people all saying the same things as me and experiencing things that I have made me realize that was not alone.” – Starling Minds member


“Starling is wonderful! I tried to join a therapy group this week and it just wasn’t for me. This has been just what I needed! I love how tangible and action-based everything is. I also love the informative videos and comments. A 5/5 rating for me.” – Starling Minds member


“I am working my way through an exceptionally difficult time in my life. Many of the stressors that I am experiencing have significantly decreased my battery’s baseline. I feel that the strategies I have learned through Starling Minds have helped me deal with some of the stress, worry, sadness, anxiety and anger that I feel.” – Starling Minds member