Greetings Members,

Now that all schools in Nunavut are officially up and running, I would like to take a moment to welcome all members, both old and new, and wish you well at the beginning of another school year.

Let us commit this year to shining light on the positives that are happening in our schools and communities, due to your hard work and caring for our students.  In the past year it has been easy to focus on negative news in education in Nunavut.  The Department of Education has much to answer for on a structural and wide-scale level.  The NTA will continue to push the Department to solve our recruitment and retention crisis, provide more support for teachers in our classroom, and demonstrate a genuine endorsement of teacher-directed professional development.

Despite these issues, great things are happening in our schools every day.  Teachers are providing welcoming and positive learning environments for our students.  We work tirelessly to produce quality classroom units and enriching extra-curricular opportunities.  Schools are contributing greatly to life in our communities.  When negative news on education comes out, we’ll continue to focus on our students and highlight the great opportunities you are providing them.  Teachers are invaluable, and your contributions to your community and Nunavut should be celebrated.

The NTA is proud to stand up for the right of each child in Nunavut to have access to quality public education, delivered by qualified teachers.

Thank you for your service to our students and our communities.


John Fanjoy


Nunavut Teachers’ Association