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Applications are available online in the PD Database, nta.coresolutions.ca under the Education Leave Icon. Information on the Education Leave program can be found in the Professional Development Policy Book, Section 4: Education Leave beginning on page 63. The policy book is available online at the NTA website under the Professional Development tab.  Two copies of the PD Policy book were also given to your school, please check with your school’s PD Liaison if you need access to a hard copy.


EDL 1.1.1 Eligibility Criteria:

In order to be considered for Education Leave, applicants must at the time of application:

(a)     Be NTA members in good standing;

(b)     Be an active full-time NTA member within Nunavut for a minimum of 4 complete consecutive academic years (40 months of teaching). (i.e. you will be teaching in at least your 5th year in Nunavut);

(c)     Have an indeterminate teaching contract at the time of the application or a term contract of sufficient duration to meet the obligations outlined in 1.9; and

(d)     If you have received any type of Education Leave (i.e. LWA and/or LWOA) in the past, you may apply again in the 5th year of consecutive employment after returning from that Ed Leave.

EDL 1.3 Application Procedures:

The candidate must submit:

  • A fully completed and signed application form. (through the PD Database)
  • A copy of his/her current PD Log (and past PD Logs, if available)
  • Identify if a translator will be required for the telephone interview.
  • Two (2) written reference forms.
  • Note: Each candidate’s immediate supervisor will be contacted by the PI Coordinator to set up a short interview (all interviews will be conducted by the four members of the Education Leave Committee). Consequently, the immediate supervisor should not be used for a reference.
  • Applicant will identify who will be the telephone interview – immediate supervisor or SOS or Executive Director of RSO; the telephone interviewee cannot be a written reference

Education Leave applications will be signed by the Applicant’s Regional Executive Director before they are submitted to the ELC (NTA Collective Agreement Article 16, Sect 16.05d).


This is a highly competitive program and requires a considerable amount of time in the application process. If you have any questions after reviewing the guidelines please don’t hesitate to contact Jeff Avery