Scott MacDonald, NTA Secretary Treasurer, Joamie Elementary School, Iqaluit NU

Aside from serving in various roles with NTA, I am currently the Vice-Principal at Joamie Elementary School in Iqaluit where I have been since 2017. Prior to moving to Iqaluit I began teaching at Nasivvik High School in Pond Inlet in 2010. I feel privileged to represent the NTA on the PDC as I view quality professional development as a gateway for teachers to become more effective educators, which helps our students become better learners. During my time in Nunavut I have taken advantage of many of the professional learning opportunities the PDC has to offer, and I hope my work with the PDC assists you in doing the same.

Heather Campbell, NTA Assistant Executive Director, Iqaluit NU

I am excited for the opportunity to represent NTA members in matters concerning professional development once again. In the past, I have been a part of NTA professional development in roles as an elected representative, committee volunteer, and part of the PD staff team. I believe in teacher driven professional development, and I believe NTA must protect this ideal. Teachers know best, within the boundaries of our Collective Agreement, what their PD needs are, and what PD activities will be of most benefit to their students. After all, that’s who we are all here working for.